Android Debugging

I intended to do this for a long time now, since Android Debugging goes hand in hand with Linux debugging. I’ve noticed, during my trolling on the InsertCoin forum, that people that start messing around with their Android mobile (read: start rooting it), don’t know what to do if something fails.

The minimum tools needed for any debugging are:

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How I added a custom “Facebook Like” button to my blog

Adding a Facebook Like button to Blogger can be both easy and complicated, depending on who explains it. After a quick search on Google, I found how to add a custom Facebook Like button to my blog. Obviously, it’s not something difficult if I could do it in three minutes all together, but I thought I’d share the experience.

First thing, I had to go to my “Design” link on the blog. Then, to “Edit HTML”. Next, click on “Expand Widget Templates”. The edit box there is not so friendly, so I decided to select all the text, to copy it in the clipboard and to paste it in Notepad++. Looks a bit better, but still hard to understand even for a computer geek. So, in the “Language” menu, I selected under “H” the option “HTML”. Nice to finally see everything a bit color-coded.

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